Back to land and out of the sea. It’s quite strange to watch everyone in my city walk around in a drone-work haze after coming back from the tropics. It literally looks as if everyone is a zombie. 

What a miraculous world that exists. I felt as if I was in a fairy tale. The current was fairly strong, and there are known to be brackish crocodiles by the rocks, so I motored around the shoreline.

I ran around the island of the orchids for about 30 minutes feeling like a character from The Beach. I was so exhausted from cleaning cabins, smelling of bleach and bug-spray, dark circles traced under my eyes. But I was dead set to explore & find peace, even if it was briefly.

I spent some time reading Hemingway and a book about the relationship between whalers and whales. I drank coffee with condensed milk (Central American specialty). I practiced Spanish. 

We docked next to the rusty shark finning boat in San Carlos where the dock smells like pelicans and old fish. We plotted to secretly steal the boats nets and decided against it.

The hardest, grueling work you’ll ever come to know, and the reward you can’t quite figure out but ends up being freedom from the materialistic American dream that has entrapped so many.