My experiences traveling and living in other areas of the world. Mostly humorous, enlightened and contemplative.
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black dress
jade ring
gray boots
my hair straight with a
copper gleam


October 6, 2015

I’m sitting at the Maryhill Musuem staring at the iron laid tracks of the Oregon Trail. Below is the Deschutes River, then layers of basalt, high desert, two silos and a never ending freeway. Twenty white wind turbines line the horizon, rows of grapes prosper directly underneath me. The landscape is wheat colored, charcoal, amber, beige, slate and mustard. The river a steel gray, a sage colored barge stagnant in the very middle. The cobalt sky is painted with opaque clouds. I had a dream last night that I was insanely in love. And that the guy was even more in love with me. But in my dream I couldn’t make out his face, and I woke up feeling elated and confused.






Based in the Pacific Northwest, tinyjewelstories is a blog dedicated to travel, humanity, dance and the quest for new adventures .




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